Logbook App FAQ

Does the lack of internet connectivity affect the app in any way?

The following features may require internet: If you are off shore without internet connectivity, I highly recommend to configure the following in logbook settings, to ensure the app is completely independent to any network related services.
Disable geocoding entirely, if you like you can geoencode your logbook afterwards.
Location Sharing
Disable it, as it won't work anyhow without internet connectivity.
Weather services
Change it to 'off' and go to 'Select data sources' and ensure no value relies on internet. I recommend to set all values to either NMEA if you can, or to 'previous record'. As the name 'Previous record' says, it will always prefill the value from the previous record, so you just need to keep the latest record up to date with the real weather situation.

After opening the app all my records are gone!

There are two possible reasons. First it could be you just selected the wrong Logbook in settings. To check this, just go into the apps settings, scroll to Logbooks, and select the right one. The other reason could be in very rare cases the user interface does not connect to the database. In this case just kill the app (by swiping it up in app switcher) and restart it.

I am on water 24/7 for several days and noticed the app quits somehow each 24 hours?

It is really the case (I noticed this the first time with iOS12), that iOS seems to end (not kill, as there is no crashlog) all apps using location services each 24 hours. (e.g each day at 09:00). I can't avoid this behavior, but in app rlease version 2.34 I implemented the option to receive a local notification that will ring as soon as this happen, so you just have to reopen the app after this alarm sound and everything continues as expected. Details to increase reliability here.

I had a trip in a different time zone, back home all times are wrong.

Without changing individual settings all new records are created in the time zone of you iOS device. So, if you create records in a different time zone the records will be shown based on your actual time zone. To avoid this, you can either set the real time zone in advance to your trip in the logbook individual settings (where you also can change logbook name, crew etc.). As this will create all new records in the selected time zone. Afterwards you have the possibility to scroll down to the very first record in your list and adjust the time zone for it. This will change the time zone also for all other record after this one. Keep in mind new records will still be created in the time zone you selected in the logbook settings. It is highly recommended you do a backup of your database before trying to fix wrong time zones in a valuable logbook.

What will happen to logbook records when I cross time zones?

Each record has its own timezone specified, so when you pknow you will pass timezones, do the following to define the timezone for all new record. Go to settings - logbook - (i) - change the timezone to your current timezone. Now all new records will be created in this timezone. This will not affect existing records, just new ones. Once you cross to another timezone, go again to the logbook settings and adjust it to the next timezone, and so on...
It is also easy to adjust timezones afterwards, go from the bottom to the top, as changing the timezone of a specific record will always adjust the timezone of all records after it as well.

How to backup, restore or copy the Logbook App database to another device?

If you would like to backup your Logbook database , just go to Tools, Export center and send the SQLite file via Email to yourself, save it to iCloud, or something similar. The database inlcudes all your logbooks, records, maneuver-, packing-, safety-lists.
Restore your backup
Just open the file (e.g. from your email) with logbook app. You will be asked if you really would like to replace the existing database. Be careful you will lose all data in the target app, and this cannot made undone. Note 1: You have to select the correct logbook in the apps settings afterwards! Note 2: If all available logbooks are named (null), kill the app and open it again
Copy database from iPhone to iPad or vice versa
First do the export as described above, then copy the database directly via AirDrop to the other device, open it there with Logbook App. Alternatively to AirDrop it works also with Mail, Dropbox, Owncloud or Files. However it is not possible to open the database file from iMessage.

App crashes after upgrading to 2.32

Please update to the latest version, available in App Store. Bug was fixed in V2.33.

I can't select pictures after upgrading to V2.32

Please update to the latest version, available in App Store. Bug was fixed in V2.33.

What is the difference between Vmax Log and Vmax Track?

Difference between VMax Log and Track
In each record the SOG is saved, it represents the current speed at that time when the record was created. From all those values, the line Vmax Log is drawn.
In return Vmax Track is the speed calculated between two records, based on the distance divided by the time difference of those two records.

How are engine operating hours calculated?

You can chose in the settings tab between two different ways how to calculate the engine operating hours
Sum up
To add relative values to a sum. All entries of a day get summed up. So for example, you have one record with 2h at 8 a.m. and another one with 1.5h at 11 p.m. In the statics it would show up with 3.5h for this day.
To add the difference of absolute values together. This settign was called "log" up to version 2.34. This calculates the difference of the values. So again an example, at 10 a.m. the value is 1486.5 hours and at 6 p.m. it is 1489,5 this would show in the statistics as 3h for this day.

I would like to post my Logbook to Facebook, is this possible?

Yes, you can post your Logbook from your iPhone or iPad directly. Please see the HOWTO post a Logbook to Facebook.

Can I use the App on multiple devices?

Yes, the easiest way to copy the database to another device is open the app on the source device, go to Tools, Export, end select SQLite. Send the file via Airdrop, Email, or iMessage to the target device and open it there with logbook app. Read this iCloud article to understand why it's not possible to use live iCloud synchronistation.

I can not open open the CSV export in Excel?

The reason is oviously the UTF-8 encoding which is not supported by all Excel versions. Here is a detailled description how to open your Sailing Logbook in Excel.