For sailors from sailors developed

You've an iPhone or iPad and enjoy sailing? Perfect combination! You should take a deeper look into Logbook App.

Logbook provides you full functionality of electronic logbook on your smartphone. No matter whether pleasure boater or professional skipper, Logbook App logs your cruise and crossings reliable, easy and fast. We as sailors know, the time between sail trim and the next maneuver could be very short - making it all the more important that you do not need to annoy with writing logbook records. Optimized for a fast usage. Logbook app is perfect for sailors. Customize the maneuver menu to gain access to your favorite maneuvers with only two clicks. All additional data like position or weather come automatically of course, as we know: You would like to sail and not write logbook. And if you like to change or add something retrospectively for the sake of formality, no problem. You can readjust each single parameter within the lovingly designed user interface. For sure you can enhance each record with personal comments. And if you enjoy a paper logbook you can export your logbook to PDF and print it.

The future of logbook writing

To write paper logbook you might remember from your OUPV / 6-Pack License. Today your iPhone or iPad is doing this job for you. But it becomes even better: Simultaneously the Logbook App also provides you a chart plotter in your pocket. Your whole trip is logged and you can watch your covered distance in the map. Similar to this it might be useful for you to let your loved ones know where you are? No problem, with the embedded Twitter function you can share your location also to social networks.

Not only for skipper

You are just passenger on a charter boat and would like to keep you own logbook? Why not? Just let the Logbook App run in the background to record the full cruise. You can use you iPhone or iPad as usual, the track will be logged as on a chart plotter. You can export this track to use it with other programs like Google Earth or Garmin Map Source. Even years later you'll enjoy you recorded trips. As we know IT changes very fast we have done our best to give you access to the real raw data in common formats that you can use today and in several years. Convinced? Take your hand away from the winch andtake a look to the complete feature list.

More than a logbook

As charter skipper you know the problem: "Either you bring your own logbook aboard, or you use the logbook from your charter operator. The latter one has the disadvantage you cannot take your records at home. With Logbook App you can create as many different logbooks as you like. Name them to differentiate between them. Keep also some additional data to each logbook about the crew, ship and estuary.
Logbook App provides you a lot of comfortable features, and is well maintained and enhanced. For this reason you can benefit twice: New features are for free with each update, and existing features will be simplified and improved.

100% reliable

The intention of Logbook App comes thru our own requirements. Only a reliable recorded trip brings fun. Therefore we root and branch review the App and all new functions. We are also sailors and would like to have a complete, reliable logbook at the end of our trips - written with Logbook App.

Hint to tag you photos

You can merge you photos from another camera (e.g. DSLR) with the GPX export from Logbook App. Doing so each photo gets assigned to the closest position from your GPX track. This is not a primary Logbook App function but it shows what you can do with the raw data Logbook App provides to you!