Maintenance in Logbook records

Available since version 2.46

Which 4 record types are available?

Record Type How it looks like in the logs How it looks like on the map
Automatic record Automatic record in log overview Automatic record on map
Manual record Manual record in log overview Manual record on map
Maintenance record Maintenance record in log overview Maintenance record on the map
POI (Point Of Interest) POI in log overview POI record on the map
You can adjust the recurd type of a record if you navigate into the record, scroll down to Database. Database menu item in the record

Automatic records

This type is set for each record create in background when you use autorecording (visble by the blue border in the app), to create a record autmatically (e.g.) each nautical mile or every 10 minutes. They are shown in the log overview half sized. You can also exclude this type in your PDF export, so there is no need to be chary on using them.

Manual Records

When you create a record by hand, or adjust any value (notes, weather conditions, etc.) in an automatic record, it becomes this kind of type.

Maintenance record

To assign this type to a record, you need to change it by hand (in the record > database). When you change a record to maintenance type, there is also the option to add a due date to it.
Example without due date
You create a record with the note 'Seawater filter item no. SF-34784728'. Afterwards adjust it to maintenance type and do not assign a due date. This makes sense to document the part number for the seawater filter, to find it again years later. Just search for it in the log overview, by setting the filter to show only maintenance records and use the search field on top to find this record.
Example with due date
You create a record with the note 'Service inspection done for life jacket XY'. Afterwards adjust it to maintenance type and assign a due date in 2 years (or whatever date you like). The same can be done for other things that you would like to get reminded (e.g. oil change, life raft, anti-fouling paint...). In Tools > Maintenance due you will find a list with all records of this type ordered by due date, so you always know what needs your attention next. In this overview you can also mark a record as done by remove the due date by simply swiping from right to left over it. By removing the due date, the record remains maintenance type to find it again.

POI records

This is a type to use to be able to find again important records (e.g. most beautiful anchorage) as easy as possible.