iPad and iPhone support during sailing

Who owns a iPad or iPhone and is interested in sailing can optimize his exciting hobby further. With a special crafted app, designed for iPad and iPhone, this is possible without any hassle. This software is ideal for sailors, once downloaded and installed it runs stable on your iPhone and iPad. The user interface is self-explaining for each iOS system user and leaves an attractive mark.

While you're sailing the app records all important information, amongst other weather data, position, speed, engine hours, or covered distances. The logbook enhances sailing with its very useful functions and requires just little system resources. For each individual day or for the whole trip, you get access to extensive statistics. You can enjoy your recorded data also after your trip. Of course it's also possible to print your logbook on paper by exporting it as PDF. During your voyage you can use the app as personal chart plotter with considerable tracking possibilities, weather data and geocoding. Each maneuver is logged on your iPad or iPhone instantly. On a long-term you can compare different voyages and see which trip covered the longest distance, top speed, etc.

According to this useful logbook app all users can focus on the most enjoyable sailing part, as the app does a lot of work for him. The iPhone- and iPad-app has a modern design, is clear structured, and can be used by newcomers as well as professionals. Sailing makes much more fun owing this app, for all who enjoy sailing, and with each trip, they get detailed statistics of the voyage. The app can be handy installed via the Apple App Store. The iPhone and iPad has to run with the latest iOS version to use the latest logbook app version. With this price the App is ideal companion for sailors.

Welcome Aboard

The Logbook Sailing App brings you auto-generated data for hands-free tracking and sharing of your adventures at sea. Advanced features run in the background so you can focus less on logging your excursions and more on enjoying them.

All the Data You Could Ever Need At Your Fingertips

We built our log book app with you in mind. You’ll find several clever features at your fingertips. Some of the most important include:
  • Geocoding: Go beyond WGS84 coordinates. Geocoding gives you your location based on nearby islands and other distinguishing landmarks.
  • Weather Forecast: Don’t get stuck at sea. Use the weather data to determine air pressure, wind direction, wave height, sunrise, sunset, and more.
  • Statistics: Track your sailing trip through distance (sea miles), time, speed (knots), and much more with just the press of a button.
  • Maneuvering: Log every maneuver you’ve made during your trip in seconds.
  • Social Boating

    Save and share your adventures. Logbook lets you backup and export your sailing trips in several different formats including:
  • CSV/Excel
  • PDF
  • GPX
  • KML/Google Earth
  • SQLite for advanced users
  • Adventure is better when shared with friends. Use the share feature to broadcast your yachting trips to loved ones and let them know where you are. They can track you on the Logbook website, but only if you give them the randomly generated link.

    Tools for Savvy Travelers

    Take the work out of boat travel. Use the Tools feature to organize your packing list, convert currency, measure current heeling, and even brief the crew about safety onboard the boat.

    Anchors Away

    Ready to throw away the anchors and set sail? For downloads, head over to the App Store.