Planned Features

This list shows all features planned for implementation in logbook app. Many thanks to all contributors. The order is not necessarily the order of implementation! Last update: 17.02.2023
ID Feature Beschreibung Status
CLOUCloudsNext to the existing option to show cloud coveragy by percentag, cloud coverage should alsobe for the specific cloud type. Cirrus, Cirrocumulus, Cirrostratus, Cumulunimbus, Altocumulus, Altostratus, Stratocumulus, Nimbostratus, Stratus, Cumulus. Including a simple cheat sheet/picturesOpen
PPCLChecklistIn the tools section having a pre and post trip inspection checklist. That you can reset for each of your trips. Next to packing list and safety list, add also a shopping listOpen
NEWRNot definedResources (Water, Fuel, Battery, Greywater) should be possible to set to not defined. This is useful if you do not copy the value from the previous record. So it is clear is is not
NITENight detectionEach record should have a flag whether it is day or night. This can be determined by the records position and time. With this additional information it will become possible to highlight in statistics how much time/distance was covered during day or night. (It would also be possible to change the weather icons at night. E.g moon icon instead of a sun icon)open
CREWCrewCrew Management One entry per crew member, and in each entry you can see which crew member is performing which role (helmsman, navigator, etc.). This can then be exported per person. e.g. Person X had done Y hours of navigation over Z nautical miles. This also allows the crew to be changed in a log book.

Crew Metadaten Integrate the entries usually requested by the harbor master (date of birth, place of birth, passport number etc.) with this crew list and also in the PDF printout. The crew list should also be exportable as a single document e.g. for the harbor master or charter company. The following metadata for each crew member:
  • Mail
  • License number(s)
  • Images
  • Date of birth, place of birth, passport number, etc.
RPMXNMEA engine RPMAdd support for engine RPM in NMEA to automaticall switch between sailing and engineopen
NDBTNMEA water depthSupport for DBT next to DPT sentencesopen
NXDRNMEA Engine hoursProcess XDR NMEA sentences for air temperature, air pressure or engine hours. See red bordered for engine hour example
FUEEE-engineFuel Usage calculation. Lt/hour set in the settings and then tank reduces over time while engines running.
E-engine support like battery capacity etc.
STTTStatusBuoy and Docked as own dedicated status next to moored and anchorage.

What about two more status options (for motor and sail): A) Adrift (under way but not making way, no engine, no sail, not moored, not anchored, not aground ;) I do this a lot. Heading out in the open gulf for some miles, switch off the engine and relax in the sun while being “Adrift”. Fisherman do it as well. B) Aground / Beached “Aground“ to meet the ColRegs and for a bit of fun. “Beaching” is popular with power boaters.

New status: waiting for bridge or Inside lock. Reason is: they will count as travel-time but not as engine-hours
TIDETidesAdd a tool to show tides for the current area.Open
SAILSailOption to define the sails on the boat, so each specific record can have detailed information about the sail setup. E.g.: Genoa (100 1 reef 2 reef 3 reef furled) staysail (same settings as Genoa ) asymmetrical (up or down) reacher (up or down) mainsail (same as Genoa). The status of the sails should follow through records until changed. One should be able to change via Apple
PDF1Export with filterBe able to export into PDF logs between two dates, and not the whole logbookopen
IPLIDaily chores adjustableMake daily chores adjustableopen
INFQSummaryAdd a summary over all logbooks instead of just oneopen
PDFXPDFMap in PDF when staying in harbor Do not export a map for days which are completely in harbor / same location without moving

Confirmation of nautical miles Defined export format which can be used especially for confirmation of nautical miles

PDF Free text Additoinal PDF layout to have comments and pictures next to the record instead of an extra page

PDF: Pictures Option to attach as many images as you like at the end of the logbook

PDF image quality Option to define image quality/compression to get smaller file sizes with many images in PDF

PDF Export Option to exclude images from PDF export to reduce file size

PDF Export It should be possible to export the PDF also without internet, even if maps are not embedded in this case.

PDF page 2 A optional legend for weather symbols etc. on page 2 of the
IHLMPostion unitIndividual location formats. e.g. dd° mm sss instead of dd° mm.mmmopen
AVSTEnd of voyage statsEnd of voyage stats example:
0-3 hr AV STW AV SOG AV VMG %sail. AV windspeed AV TWA
3-6 hr
Also percent time by types of sails with AV STW and AV SOG Histogram by wind angle and wind speed
WEATWindPerhaps it would make sense to divide the weather area into actual weather and weather forecast? It would also be nice if AWA (Apparent Wind Angel) and TWA (True Wind Angel) and the wind strength at the respective time can be entered in the logbook. Maybe something similar to the KÜG or FÜG
ARECAuto recordsCurrently you can create automatic entries according to distance or time, but not both at the same time (whichever comes first).open
IBMUOverview in statisticsthere is a big white field just about every date. There you could offer further information, such as Destination port, total distance of the day. So you can see immediately when the trip to Warnemünde was and click again to get details. That would probably be easy to implement and very useful for
IHIKPhoto of shipPossibility to add a picture of your ship to the front-page of the exported PDFopen
IZNHApple PencilSupport for Apple Pencil in a
LOCKLockPossibility to count locks
TANARename tanksOption to rename tanks so crew does not mistake
PDF7PDF Export liteExport lite: Current functions allow full export. But normally in many cases, one might not require the full log export, for example for the skipper to share with the crew, the interesting stuff are the whole trip statistics and the track itself. I think it could be a nice feature, to have such a light export, as these be easily shared in messengers and posted in social media. Currently I make screen shots from the app to share them at the end of the
AUPIAutopilotI log the autopilot settings locked heading true or apparent wind mode and locked wind angle. Currently I add this in the text and created a custum manoever for that. Any any chance to gat a standard entry with easy entry?open
NAISAISPossibility to record AIS data received via
PROGPredictionOn the Statistics page you can see the distance covered, among other things. If the day is not over yet, I would like a forecast for 24 hoursopen
FLAGFlagsinternational flag set: I have a bag full of host country flags, but which one is which? Or you see a boat and want to know where it came from. I would like to see the international flag set in your skipper manual section. If that bloats the download of the app too much then as a button to download and
HRSMMaintenance after utilization timeA possible enhancement to maintenance might be the introduction of hours used. An example would be engine hours, maintenance would be scheduled after a predefined number of hours used. This would require a regular update of hours for each of the items on the boat eg. Engines, watermaker, generator
SIGKSignalKSupport signalk next to NMEAopen
SHAKAlternative to create a recordI wonder if it would be possible to create a log just by shaking my phone. In fact, in some stressing situations, we do not have time to open a log « smoothly », il you understand what I
SMSMWatch MilesAbility to reset miles shown in watch app (respectively complication) without affecting the overall miles from the app. In other words a option to show only the daily miles instead of the overall
THRDPDF engine/tank overviewIn the exported PDF on bottom left hide engine hours for engine 2 or 3 if there is no data available as the vessel has only one engine. Same applies to water and fuel
SORTData source priorityIs it possible to make data source not a selection but priority? ta will be taken from first available source going through priority list.. Everything that is below “none / leave empty” should be
STCLCluster statisticsIt will be good to have statistics not only per day but between stops (moored or anchored for more than 1 hour for example or marked record as stop)open
IMG1Photo and textPossibility to add text and photo in one step instead of two stepsopen
KRAEheelingYou already can measure your heeling with the existing tool. However it would be nice to record the heeling automatic in each record as long as the iPhone lies flat on the navigation table this should be possibleopen
IBBJStatistics movement distance mooredHours moored is largely irrelevant to most people as it’s usually when the boat is on its home birth. Ideas: Have a moored and home state and/or have the ability to toggle moored or home on and off in the stats.... Reason being that for most boaters the moored is going to be a huge number compared to the others which makes the graphs sort of pointless as you only see moored as 99% of the
HUMIHumidityAdd field in database to store humidity, and pre-fill also from internet when
ILJZSplit logSplit a track log on map by adding a "split-option" to a specific log
IXBBMoonAdd moonrise/setopen
IWGKSupplementary live trackingWhen losing internet connection and connecting back to internet later, supplementary upload the track if the Live Ttracking feature was used to share location with friendsopen
IYEWOffline mapsPossibility to make a area of maps offline availableopen
IDMDSpeed filterWehn the state is anchor or moored, it should be not possible to log a record that includes a little amount of speed (e.g 0.1 kts). Filter all speed less than 0.5 kts if state is anchored or
INVEQuickmaneuverWhen editing the frree text field (notes) of a record, make the user defined quick maneuvers availabel to chose oneopen
IWBCLogic checksAdd tool to make some plausibility checks to a logbook and to be able to identify records with obviously wrong dataopen
IKLUResetPossibility to reset all settings to default as after clean
IIVKLink to Anchor recordsAdd direct link in statistics to records that obviously recorded some travel despite they are in status anchor or moored open
IHGXCruising kittyCruising kittyopen
IHLPPicture mapper improvements1. Multiple pictures per record. 2. Map multiple pictures to one recordopen
IBLLHide iconsOn the first log overview screen it is already possible to change the icon order, however it shall be also possible to hide some icons or all. open
ICDNiPad Map viewAs there is sufficient space on an iPad add the map view for each record to the detail view in SplitViewControlleropen
IEDMWeather comparisonPage to compare the three weather data providers to select the best fitting oneopen
IUHRWindspeedOption to show wind arrows not related to beaufort scale but
ISAJAdditional fields in ExportAdd the following data, at least in CSV export and ideally in PDF report : Apparent Wind Speed (AWS), Apparent Wind Angle (AWA), Speed Through Water (STW?), Course Through Water (CTW?) NB: Speed Over Water is important when combined with True Wind Speed to build the polar data of the sailboat or to compare with polar reference
ISFOWind historyGraphical chart of wind history during the dayopen
ISXRBulk update weatherBulk change weather in a logbook, similar to updating the state of a recordopen
IRIFApple WatchIt would be really great to be able to configure the companion app on the watch to show data you might like? Eg I would probably get rid of the temp (as it’s not really useful and I don’t have the sensors on the boat anyway) and replace it with NMEA depth, which would be amazing while anchoring as I. open
IWGVLogbook changeSome users have the demand to switch between logbook regularly (e.g. daily). Make it possible to see easily which logbook is selected and to switch them without need to go to the app
IEICDelete change protected logbooksRight now it's not possible to delete or remove change protected logbooks. The intention of write protected logbooks is to avoid changes to the entries, but it should be possible to decide to delete an entire logbook for example a test
IODLFree POIsPossibility to add dead reckoning positions to the
IGOWFree text the end of the logbook some free pages, for free text, maintenance stuff and so onopen
IQPNiPad Split Viewwhen you change the status and a new log entry is created that entry should always come up in the detail
IMHYMOBOption to initiate MOB from Watch including re routing to MOB positionopen
ITEEThird log buttonNext to status-button and quick-maneuvre-button a 3rd button to log daily chores
IDXXFont sizeMake font size adjustable with the iOS wide font size settingopen
ETMADays run / nautical dayStats are noon-to-noon, not midnight to midnight. For example it is common practice to keep a record of noon-to-noon 24-hour run. Possibility to have this option in settings, either calendar day (as now) or noon-to-noon.
I would have liked to show the end of each 24 hour period so you can see the progress you’ve made.
Done V2.42
IAZCRetrospectively change engineChanging the logbook in this way only works if you have one engine, and as a Catamaran we have two! For example, if the wind dies and we turn on the port engine to keep our speed up, but forget to change the logbook, we can amend the records to show we were motor sailing, but we can’t tell Logbook which engine we were using. Can you please therefore include an window which asks which engine is in use when you change the status to Motoring or Motor Sailing?Done V2.42
ICLDiCloudSupport for database in iCloudDone V2.43
FUELFuel / E-engineShow fuel in percentage OR liter/gallons/etcDone V2.45
SRCHSearch functionAdd a search facility. I would like to use the logbook to record when the engines, water maker and generator were serviced, but worry I will never find the entries again!Done V2.46