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Logbook tells you where you are with Geoencoding

Geoencoding - How it works

Geoencoding determine the associated location name, according to your position.
The example shows following situation:
  1. You are 2 nautical miles away from Beli Lighthouse
  2. Arnold Island is the closest island to your position.
  3. You are on the Atlantic Ocean.

Logbook App add the most relevant name about your location to your record. To use this feature, make sure that you have a working internet connetion on your phone. Otherwise Logbook App can't determine the name resolution.

Geoencoding - Coverage

In the United States, Geoencoding is still in ramp up phase, however if you would like to use Geoencoding in an area that is not covered yet, please send us an email with the exact description of the area you are missing and we will add your area latest within a couple of days.

Current coverage

Coverage Great Lakes of North America

Lake Erie, Lake Huron (including Georgian Bay), Lake Michigan (including Green Bay) and Lake Ontario are fully covered on US and CA side. Lake Superior is covered currently mainly on the US part.
Coverage map Great Lakes

Coverage East Coast

The East Coast is fully covered in the states Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersy, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina.
This includes of course America's Sailing Capital Annapolis and the whole Chesapeake Bay.
Coverage map Eastcoast

Coverage California

The northern Sanfrancisco Bay is covered completly. This include Alcatraz.

Coverage Lousiana

Vermilion Bay is covered as well as Timbalier Bay and the Atchafalaya River with Morgan City.


All purple dots represent nautical items with geoencoding enabled names. Click on the designated area to get it more detailed.