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Howto post your Logbook to Facebook

If you would like to share your recent logbook recorded with the "Logbook App" with others, no problem! Here an example how this post looks like in Facebook:

Screenshot of example Facebook post with PDF Logbook


  • Logbook App
  • Facebook account and App installed on your iPhone or iPad
  • Dropbox account and App installed on your iPhone or iPad


    Create a PDF of your current logbook

    Open Logbook App and go to settings export

    Screenshot of Settings screen in Logbook App on iPhone

    Select the PDF type you would like to upload to Facebook

    Screenshot how to select a PDF type in Logbook App on iPhone

    Export it to Dropbox

    Select the Dropbox 3rd party App

    Screenshot how to select Dropbox as target app in Logbook App on iPhone

    Change the document name if you like, and select a appropriate folder to save the logbook. Then press "Save".

    Screenshot how to change filename and location folder in Dropbox

    Wait until your Logbook is uploaded to Facebook

    Screenshot to wait for file upload in Dropbox App on iPhone

    Press the circle with the down-arrow right to your Logbook and select "Send Link"

    Screenshot how to send a link to your Logbook document to Facebook using Dropbox App on iPhone

    Only if Facebook is not available, select "More" and enable Facebook as "Activity"

    Screenshot how to enable Facebook for the available 3rd party appsin Dropbox App on iPhone

    Select the Facebook App as target App for your link.

    Screenshot to select Facebook as target App for the link generated by Dropbox App on iPhone

    Write your post for Facebook

    Write your individual post to Facebook, and go back to the Logbook App

    Screenshot how to write a post to Facebook in Dropbox App on iPhone

    Done :-)