iCloud and Logbook App

Written in July 2015 (situation end of 2018 still the same)

Current survey

I asked in a recent inApp survey for the top requested features, which one to implement in Logbook App. The winner is iCloud functionality to support multiple devices. Of course it is really great to have the same logbook on your iPhone and iPad.

Is iCloud for Logbook App coming?

Short answer

Not soon. As long as Apple is not offering a stable working solution for databases in iCloud.

Long answer or what exactly is the issue?

First of all, I'm writing related to the latest iOS8 frameworks and not about the buggy iOS5 / iOS6 solutions.
Two different main options of iCloud are available to use in an App. Logbook App requires of course the latter one. Based on Apples documentation and advertising this should look great: You open your App on your iPhone and iPad, add a record on one of them, and the record appears seconds later on both. The framework offered by Apple calls Core Data for iCloud and is promising easy and simple to use.
Sounds awesome, however implementing this to Logbook App and others* results in the following issues: This affects also all changes to your logbook records. As I believe you need to rely to 100% to your logbook, it is not acceptable to use a database service that causes data loss. My real life tests resulted in 20% data loss!
You might think now I'm just not able to program this proper. Well I did also some tests with other example-applications, like the one from Tim Roadley who wrote a book to this topic. Even his application faces the same symptoms ending up in 20% data loss.
Nobody was so far able to show me an App that is using CoreData and iCloud and works as expected.

What's next?

Maybe a future iOS13, 14, 15... will come up with a solution that really works, in that case I would immediately start implementing it to Logbook App. In the meanwhile we've to wait.

*others have the same problems

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