Increase reliability

What is the background?

As far as I know the problem started with iOS12 (at least I was not aware of this issue previously), latest each 24 hours (for example each day at 9pm) iOS quits at least all apps that use location services. Unfortunately there is no way for me to prevent this behavior. However, I implemented a feature with version 2.34 that let you receive a local notification once this happens.

How does it work?

There is a option in iOS to set alarms that are based on entering or leaving a previous specified circle on the map. Once such an alarm is enabled, the app no longer need to be executed, as iOS handles the alarm. This feature is known under the term Geofencing or Location Monitoring. So let us imagine a record is created by autorecording. t the same time the logbook app sets such an geofencing alarm to iOS just for a bigger circle. Let us say you configured autorecording to create a record each nautical mile, so the geofence will be set to 1.25 nautical miles.

What do I need to configure?

Autorecording has to be anbaled, and important is to grant logbook app access to your location Always, as 'in use' is not sufficient, as iOS does not allow geofencing for 'in use'. And you have to ensure notifications are allowed and not accidently set to silent. The configuraiton menu can be found in apps settings - GPS SERVICES - Increas reliability.
Screenshot of configuration to increase reliability