Live Tracking

With Logbook App's Live Tracking Feature you can keep your loved ones from home up to date about your trip. Just send them an individual Link from Logbook App and they will be able to see the location of your last logbook record.


Here you can see a Live Track of a sailing trip from 2013.

Data security

We intentionally avioded using well known social network interfaces for this feature, because so you can decide what happens with your data. For that reason your online location trip data will be deleted after 30 days. (Your trip takes longer than 30 days, or you woul like to disable this auto-deletion please see below).

Functionality in detail

In the Logbook App you can define a individual code and send an invitation via Email to your Friends or Family.
Next you just need to enable location sharing:
Screenshot to enable Location SharingScreenshot Location Share Settings

Your trip takes longer?

If your not on a vacational sailing trip but on a trip round world, you might publish you location for longer than 30 days without the trip line disappears from rear, just simply contact us. We can diable the auto deletion for individual codes, so please mention the code you use for Geoencoding.

Technical notice

The link generated in the App looks like this

All after ?s= is the MD5 hash value of the code you defined in the App. This ensures you do not need to share your secret code. Because everybody who has you secret code is able to add also data in your Logbook.