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Your Cruising Log Book
Many Unique Features
Time Saving

Feature Overview

Shows iPhone with a recorded track in front offshore the croatian coast.

Autogenerated Logs

Unique Tracking.
Your personal Chartplotter.

Recording can be done automatically in the background, even when the app is closed. Use your iPhone as always, Logbook get all the work done - unrecognized in the background.

Adjust the distance between the waypoints. You can choose between ¼, ½ or a full seamile. Beside the GPS position Logbook collects plenty of other useful informations. For example: Date, Time, Weather, Swell, Heading, Course over Ground, Speed over Ground, GPS Accuracy, Distance to the last waypoint, Engine Hours and more.

The position of the yacht is relative to designated objects on shore.


Reading WGS84 Coordinates? That's pain!
Useful Location Expression.

Having a GPS position is good, but can you remember where 43° 30,205'N and 16° 11.380'E is?

Logbook can help! Like humans, with coordination on impressive landmarks, islands and landmarks, Logbook writes your position in association of these objects down. Off course, the postition in WGS84 format is still available.

Geoencoding needs an active and working internet connection from your iPhone. The geoencoding feature may be not available in some regions. Check if the area of your next journey is covered. Prior two weeks of your journey inform us about the planned area of your sailing trip. If you'r lucky we can cover the area for you.

iPhone shows the selection of cloudiness.


Weather changes constantly...
We log it for you.

Every record get's the weather by query data from the internet, according to your position. The requested data contains:

  • Actual weather, sunny, calm, foggy
  • Air pressure
  • Wind direction
  • Wind force
  • Cloudiness in degree
  • Air temperature
  • Water temperature
  • Precipitation
  • Significant wave height
  • All weather data can be collect manually or can be adjusted afterwards.

    Weather data queries require a working data connection and may not be available on your position or in your country. It depends on the weather source and data connection. Different weather sources can be set within the settings dialog of the Logbook application.

    iPhone with Logbook App on the maneuver menu


    Log repeating maneuvers with only one fingertip.

    Took in the sails and park the ship in the box. And now writing logbook? Not anymore! With quick maneuver recording you log every of your maneuver within seconds. Find a extensive listing of presets.

    tack, jibe, reef, heaved, anchored and more.

    The entire listing is customizable with your own preferred maneuvers - and even combinations of manouvers are possible. Everything is build to save your time on writing logbook.

    Statistics with a lot of value.


    How many sea miles ave you done today?
    What day was your best day?

    Paper based logbooks can't do that. Logbook app gives you the most detailed overview of all your collected records.

    Digging into details:

  • Statistics overall
  • Statistic for each day
  • Elapsed time in hours
  • Distance traveled in sea miles
  • Average speed in Knots
  • Amount of logs
  • Engine hours
  • Sailing hours
  • Harbor hours
  • Share your position.


    Tell you loved ones, where you are.

    Your friends and family can see where you're sailing. Anytime - if you want!

    With one touch within the app you generate a unique link. Share this link with others, and they can track you on the Logbook website. The Link is available for about 60 days and get's automatically deleted afterwards. Notice: The URL is generated by a randomize function. Guests of the website have no access to your track if they don't have the URL from you.

    Example track from year 2013 in Croatia.

    Measuring the sea.


    Currency converter or packing list.
    Tools for everyday life.

    Packing list:
    Never forget anything. With a wide already filled list of things, you have a good overview what to take one your journey. Worthless to say: You can add and delete itmes or rearrange them.

    Currency converter:
    A simple currency converter, with realtime exchange courses from the European Central Bank.

    Savety briefing:
    Dont't forget to tell the crew the important things on board. Logbook help you to do so.

    Measure teh current heeling and save the result with just one fingertip.

    If you feel bored some time, we implemented a funny Lighthouse quiz.

    Display shows the nautical sunrise and sunset.


    Sunrise and sunset.
    Now you know, when the sun goes down.

    According to your position, we calculate the sunrise and sunset time.

  • Nautical dawning
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Nautischer sundown

    The calculation works even offline, without any internet connection.

  • iPhone with arrow that shows the export capabilities.


    Various export-formats
    Because it's your collected data.

    It's your trip, it's your data. We won't trap your data in the app. Various export formats give you a wirde range of possibilitys to postprocess your collected data on tools like Google Earth or Garmin Devices. Even printing out on paper is possible, to sign up and hold it in your hands.

  • Export to CSV Format (z.B. Excel)
  • Export to PDF File
  • Export to GPX (for GPS Applications)
  • Export to KML (Google Earth)
  • Export the entire database as SQLite format for developers and advanced users.

    Send all the exported formats directly from your iPhone via email. So you can make a backup of your data, even when your still on the journey.