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Screenshots of Logbook app

To get a better understanding of the app, please take a look at the screenshots.

Logbook app screenshot overview log records


All log records at a glance

The chronological order of all log records gives you a perfect summary. All relevant information are already visible here like COG (Course Over Ground), SOG (Speed Over Ground), position, weather, etc.

The headline keeps you up to date about your GPS accuracy, speed and position

Logbook app screenshot detail logrecord top

Logbook record

The record in detail

This record shows an example log record with a lot of relevant data:

GPS position, distance to the last log record COG, SOG as well as weather data and much more.

Of course can you add additional personal notes to each record.

Logbook app screenshot adjust cloudiness


Setting with synoptic view

With visual prompts you can represent the current cloud coverage as a symbol, the background adjusts automatically to your selection.

Logbook app screenshot adjust wind speed

Wind controller

Wind velocity in all units

This view lets you adjust the wind speed and direction for each record individually.

You can see the velocity in Beaufort, Knots, km/h and mph. Furthermore you can see a description for each wind force to see what the impact is.

Example for Force 9 Beaufort:
High waves whose crests sometimes break. Dense foam is blown along in the wind direction. Large amounts of airborne spray may begin to reduce visibility.

Logbook app screenshot statistics show speed over time


Summariy of your trip

What was your average speed today? How many hours did you sail or use the engine? All these questions can be answered by the statistics.

Logbook app screenshot adjust course

Course and speed


The values are gathered - of course - automatically with your built in GPS. However, we do not hinder you to adjust these values to your needs.

Logbook app screenshot adjust current weather condition


Different weathersymbols

The clean weather symbols are also visible in the record overview. They are either received from the Internet or you can set them manually.

Logbook app screenshot map view

Map view

Your vessel log from a different point of view

The map view shows you the best way how your trip is going. See the track colored between red and green based on the speed (SOG) you drove. You can also jump into each log record and make adjustments to the log.

Logbook app measure current heeling

Measure heeling

Logbook app currency converter

Currency converter

Logbook app screenshot top settings view


Logbook app screenshot top settings view

Logbook app screenshot add maneuver with one click


Logbook app screenshot adjust temperature


Logbook app screenshot export center

Export center

Logbook app screenshot lighthouse quiz

Lighthouse Quiz