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Legacy FAQ for early and pre V2 versions

What means the small M M icon on log entries?

This means, that this entry was changed manually.

How to restore the Logbook App database?

iTunes Backup Logbook App Connect your iPhone with iTunes, and
  1. navigate to your iPhone,
  2. click on Apps scroll down to File Sharing,
  3. next select Logbook App.
  4. In the right window the store.data file and the two temporary files store.data-shm (Shared Memory) and store.data-wal (Write Ahead Logging) will appear. These are all relevant database files for Logbook App.
  5. To restore another database you have to delete all 3 files. Select them and hit del-key on your keyboard
  6. Maybe you have to rename your backup to store.data as if was created with an older version of Logbook App it might have a wrong file name Export.sqlite and needs to be renamed to store.data.
  7. Finally upload just this single database file store.data to your iPhone by cklicking add on the bottom.
  8. Please ensure to kill you App afterwards by double clicking the home button or alternativly reboot your iPhone