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I would like to post my Logbook to Facebook, is this possible?

Yes, you can post your Logbook from your iPhone or iPad directly. Please see the HOWTO post a Logbook to Facebook.

Can I use the App on multiple devices?

Yes, but there is no convinient sync between the devices possible. Read this iCloud articele for more details.

Why would Logbook App like to access my location in the background?

Short answer: Logbook App is not using your location in the background as long as autorecording is not enabled. A red border around your iPhone screen indicates autorecording is enabled:
Logbook App with red border indicates autorecording is enabled

Detailed answer: Unfortunately the wording choosen by Apple is not very clear, since iOS8 Apple distinguishes between 3 different cases. Furthermore iOS8 reminds you after 2 days if you still would like to grant a app access to your location even if this particular app never used your location in those 2 days.
Settings for location services for Logboko App


Logbook App has no access to your location as the operating system does not allow access for Logbook App. You will face this message every time you open Logbook App:
Alert View if Logbook App has no access to location data

While Using App

This option is actually sufficient to operate Logbook App. Everything works as designed when you're in the App. However, enabling autorecording and leaving the App will show a blue ribbon on the top indicating Logbook App is still running and accessing the locatino in the background.
Blue ribbon indicating background activity


The blue ribbon is no longer visible, however Logbook App is still only using your location data in background if autorecording is enabled. Launching Logbook the first time, the App requests access to location data always. Feel free to adjust this to "When Using the App" if you've no problem watching the blue ribbon. By the way, when autorecording is disabled (no red border) Logbook App will not use any resources (CPU, battery...) in the background.

How to record the track in background-mode?

Make sure that you have activated autorecording in the settings menu. A red border around the app appears, when autorecoring is active. Now your track gets recorded according to the selected distance setting. You can also enable/disable this feature by tapping the GPS position on the home screen:
GPS Position on home screen in App

I can not open open the CSV export in Excel?

The reason is oviously the UTF-8 encoding which is not supported by all Excel versions. Here is a detailled description how to open your Sailing Logbook in Excel.

How long lasts the battery when creating log entries automatically in the background?

Our experience with an iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 have shown that the battery lasts a few hours, but not a whole day, so we recommend using a 12V charger, and just leave your iPhone unattended at the chart table.

How to backup the Logbook App database?

If you would like to backup your Logbook databae , just go to Settings, Export center and send the SQLite file via Email to yourself. The database inlcudes all your logbooks, records, maneuver-, packing-, safety-lists.

How to restore the Logbook App database?

iTunes Backup Logbook App Connect your iPhone with iTunes, and
  1. navigate to your iPhone,
  2. click on Apps scroll down to File Sharing,
  3. next select Logbook App.
  4. In the right window the store.data file and the two temporary files store.data-shm (Shared Memory) and store.data-wal (Write Ahead Logging) will appear. These are all relevant database files for Logbook App.
  5. To restore another database you have to delete all 3 files. Select them and hit del-key on your keyboard
  6. Maybe you have to rename your backup to store.data as if was created with an older versin of Logbook App it might have a wring file name Export.sqlite and needs to be renamed to store.data.
  7. Finally upload just this single database file store.data to your iPhone by cklicking add on the bottom.
  8. Please ensure to kill you App afterwards by double clicking the home button or alternativly reboot your iPhone

Do you support old versions of Logbook App?

You might try to consult our FAQ archive for old versions.

In principle you should upgrade to the latest version in any case. Some internet interfaces (e.g. load weather or location text from the internet) might fail in old versions.