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Sailing App for iPhone and iPad

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Logbook on iPhone,
and now even on iPad!

Introducing Logbook

iPhone with log overview

Imagine: A powerful app on your iPhone logs your journey.

Logbook app will efficiently write your logbook, better and easier than ever before. Why bothering with maintain logbook records, when it can be done automatically? Logbook supports the skipper to manage the daily logging business. We put useful hands on deck commands into, so you can record your maneuver within seconds.

Our credo:
Writing logbook should be fast and easy, preferable automatically.

And we are not stopping here. Lots of useful additional tools are implemented.

Print your Logbook on paper oder PDF. Export it into various data formats to show your track on Google Earth. Advanced users can export the raw database format sqlite. Everything is possible directly from your iPhone.

Writing Logbook was never easier before. Check out the extensive feature list and start to track your journey with Logbook today!