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Introduction Guideline / Manual For First Usage Of Logbook App

Initial Launch

This instruction will guide you through the most important settings and functions to use it in most efficient way once you're on water. So, let's start and open the app now.

After the initial launch, you get introduced with three (3) important functions you will need most. All three are accessible from the first tab 'Log': Screenshot of the tab bar of logbook app

  1. Using the upper left Button, you can switch your current condition (= Status). This can be Sailing, Moored, Engine, Anchored or Motor-Sailing. It is important to keep the status always up to date, as the statistics will use this data to calculate how many time/distance you traveled in which condition. So, keep in mind to change the status every time you depart, set sail, furl sail... Each status update will create an automatic log record stating from which status you switched to the new status. All available status types all status types
  2. Taping the top right + button, you can create a new manual record. After taping you will get a list with all quick maneuvers you'd like to log frequently. You can adjust this list to your own needs in 'Settings' > 'Quick Maneuver' > 'Edit quick maneuvers'. For example, some sailors would like to log weather the sail is on starboard or port side. So, in this case just add an appropriate new quick maneuver and re-order them to your own needs. Most frequent used quick maneuvers should be on top. all quick manuevers as example
  3. Taping the 'GPS accuracy' located in middle of the top navigation bar will enable or disable Autorecording. Once enabled the app will create automatic records during your trip if Autorecording is active you will see a blue frame within the app and outside of the app also a blue ribbon will remain. screenshot how to enable or disable autorecording
Each record and each detail can be adjusted if required. Just tap the record in the list and change the values (picture, wind, text, etc...) you would like to adjust.

First Trip preparation

Go to 'Settings' > 'Logbooks' > 'Logbook name' and create a new logbook for your trip by taping the top right + button. Afterward tap the (i) right to the new logbook and change the name of your logbook, update crew list, ship data etc. on demand. You can adjust those values at any time later. example how to create and adjust a new captains book

Next go back to Settings > GPS Services and select when you would like to have a new record automatically created (once Autorecording is enabled). Default is 1/8 nautical mile. distance or time settings for autorecording

Next go back to the first tab 'Log' and update the status (top left) to Moored (as in most cases you will begin your trip when the boat is moored ;-)). Delete the record that was created automatically by swiping from right to left over it. Now everything for your trip is prepared! how to delete a record

Start trip

Once you arrive on your boat, you can add the first log record by taping the + button on top right. You can add a 'free text' record stating something like 'Ship taken from charterer, one navigation light is out of order, we informed the charter company. Supply already carried on board'.

Once you think about leaving the harbor you will need to start the engine, do not forget to change the status in app from 'Moored' to 'Engine' and enable Autorecording (blue frame becomes visible). Now steer out of harbor and do not forget to update the status from "Engine" to "Sailing" when you set the sails.

When you would like to log something (for example if you saw some dolphins, or would like to log a COLREGs related evidence), just tap the + button on top right with the appropriate text/picture. Of course, you can adjust this record afterwards on your demands, and add a picture or adjust some other values.

Sometime later you will furl the sails. Do not forget to change the status from "Sailing" to "Engine" and later when you let your anchor go in a bay and switch of the engine change the status again from "Engine" to "Anchored". This time do not forget to disable Autorecording (= blue frame should disappear!). You will enable it on the next day again.

Now go to the statistics tab and review your trip in some numbers ;-)

End trip

At your last day, you will change the status to "Moored" again when you enter the final destination harbor. Do not forget again to disable Autorecording. Now go to 'Tools' > 'Export Logbook', choose your favorite font type, if you would like to export only manual record that where create manually or adjusted afterwards, or all. (Manual record does appear twice height as auto record in the log overview.) And finally choose your favorite export style. Congratulation you've a perfect log book of you trip!