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Future planned Features

This list shows future planned features for the Logbook app and recently implemnented features. The order is random and does not show the order of implementation. The list was set up in August 2016. Last update to the list: 03/19/2018
Feature Beschreibung Status
Database transferRestore or move database between devices (e.g. from iPad to iPhone) wireless without iTunesdone - V2.25
Axis descriptionStats graphs need labels on the X and y axesdone - V2.25
Engine hoursEngine hours for multiple enginesdone - V2.25
Cumulative mileage overallCumulative mileage overall, with option to choose starting mileage or 0done - V2.25
Multiple fontsOffer font choices on PDF output filesdone - V2.25
Track directionAdd a possibility to identify the direction of the track drawn in the map in the exported PDFdone - V2.26
Map picturesAdd tool to map existing images to an existing logbookdone - V2.26
Restrict track timelyTrack in map shall be optionally restricted to a defineable timeframe instead of showing the whole logbook trackdone - V2.26
Apple WatchSupport for watchOS 3 with complication and without glancedone - V2.26
Overall mileageWith regard to the log of miles, what would be great is if the app gives you the running total so that you don't have to manually add it together. done - V2.26
Autorecording to fixed timesTimely logs to full hours. E.g. all 15 min, all 30 min, all 60 min. but at xx:15, xx:30, xx:00 and not xx:07.done - V2.26
Access the address bookWhen entiring details about the crew it shall be possible to choose people from local address bookdone - V2.27
GeocodingPossibility to provide improvements to the community for the reverse geocoding featuredone - V2.27
TimezonesSupport for different timezonesdone - V2.28
Daily checksAdd daily checks for battery, bilge, etc.done - V2.28
CurrentAdd possibility to log currentdone - V2.28
CurrentSupport Current, Course to Steerdone - V2.28
NMEAGet data from local NMEA source instead of internet loadingavailable - V2.30
UnitsAdd other less common units like km/h instead of knots. And individual location formats. e.g. dd° mm sss instead of dd° mm.mmmavailable - V2.30
Engine hour clockA watch for engine hours for the case a vessel has no engine hour clock
Additionally info: Yes the timer would work fine but why can't you have the app add the engine hours automatically after the timer is stopped. This would make it seamless and stop problems where the operator forgets to add it manually. The more automated the better.
Info 2: Chip log should log continuous nm traveled, adding to the preset start number, updatable manually if needed. When I start an engine we should be able to designate which one, a timer should start and add to the preset counter until we designate that engine off. Also updatable if we forget to log it on or off.
available - V2.30
PDF redesignRedesign PDF export and make it adjustable for future releasesavailable - V2.30
Autorecording auto off/onOption in settings to disable autorecording automatically when switching status to moored or anchor. And vice versa.done - V2.28
EngineSelect engine for prefill not only in setting but also in the form where to enter engine hoursavailable - V2.30
Multiple tanks/batteriesAdd possibility to track not only one battery and one water tank, holding tank, etc.available - V2.30
4 HoursExtend option to log by time with "log every 4 hours" for long distance sailorsavailable - V2.30
Chose EngineFor switching to status engine it is already (optionally) possible to select the engines each time. This should be possible when switching tow motor-sailing as well.open
Split logSplit a track log on map by adding a "split-option" to a specific log record.open
Open Sea Map layerAdd Open Sea Map layer to maps in generated PDFopen
Logbook default metadataWhy not have the facility where, as default, the skipper and boat is automatically entered with every new trip. It is a pain and unnecessary to add this every time as I have my own boat and always be the skipper.open
Confirmation of nautical milesDefined export format which can be used especially for confirmation of nautical milesopen
Link to Anchor recordsAdd direct link in statistics to records that obviously recorded some travel despite they are in status anchor or moored open
Hide iconsOn the first log overview screen it is already possible to change the icon order, however it shall be also possible to hide some icons or all. open
WindspeedOption to show wind arrows not related to beaufort scale but knots.open
QuickmaneuverWhen editing the frree text field (notes) of a record, make the user defined quick maneuvers availabel to chose oneopen
Water depthAdd field for water depthopen
NMEA engine RPMAdd support for engine RPM in NMEA to automaticall switch between sailing and engineopen
Bulk update weatherBulk change weather in a logbook, similar to updating the state of a recordopen
Move recordsPossibility to move records on the map instead of updating the coordinatesopen
MoonAdd moonrise/setopen
Supplementary live trackingWhen losing internet connection and connecting back to internet later, supplementary upload the track if the Live Ttracking feature was used to share location with friendsopen
SummaryAdd a summary over all logbooks instead of just oneopen
Night modeNight mode with inverted colorsopen
Offline mapsPossibility to make a area of maps offline availableopen
Speed filterWehn the state is anchor or moored, it should be not possible to log a record that includes a little amount of speed (e.g 0.1 kts). Filter all speed less than 0.5 kts if state is anchored or moored.open
Track color based on statusAlternatively color the track log on map view not based on speed but on the state (engine, sail, ...)open
Record to mapPossibility to go from a record to the related map part. Vice versa is already possible.open
Days runStats are noon-to-noon, not midnight to midnight. For example it is common practice to keep a record of noon-to-noon 24-hour run. Possibility to have this option in settings, either calendar day (as now) or noon-to-noon.open
Non sail button Add a button to settings for non sailing yachts to hide the sail related topics in app open
Logic checksAdd tool to make some plausibility checks to a logbook and to be able to identify records with obviously wrong dataopen
GPS trackRecord GPS data in background each few meter or foot to show a more detailed track on map. open
ResetPossibility to reset all settings to default as after clean install.open
Cruising kittyCruising kittyopen
MaintenanceReminder for regular maintenance work like changing oil filteropen
Sea scaleNext to the significant wave height it should be also possible to log the swell and value related to the Douglas Scale.open
Picture mapper improvements1. Multiple pictures per record. 2. Map multiple pictures to one recordopen
Map in PDF when staying in harborDo not export a map for days which are completely in harbor / same location without movingopen
iPad swipeRecord scrolls to top after selecting a new record.open
iPad Map viewAs there is sufficient space on an iPad add the map view for each record to the detail view in SplitViewControlleropen
Import / exportPossibility to transfer just a single (instead of complete database) logbook from one device to anotheropen
FuelShow fuel in percentage OR liter/gallons/etcopen
Tide ToolAdd a tool to show tides for the current area.open
Tool for safety equipmentIn the tools section to be able to put the deadlines of use on the safety equipments: extinguishers, rockets, vests, etc ... and to have alerts on the datesopen
Weather comparisonPage to compare the three weather data providers to select the best fitting oneopen
Interface colorInvert colors To. use a white on black interface. Easier to read in sunlight .... and at night it s not so glaringopen
Currency ConverterIt would be great if you built it out and gather exchange rates to automatically propagate/calculate .open
Font sizeMake font size adjustable with the iOS wide font size settingopen
Packing listPossibility to send packing listopen
Shopping listNext to packing list and safety list, add also a shopping listopen
Third log buttonNext to status-button and quick-maneuvre-button a 3rd button to log daily chores immediately.open
Enter coordinates with NumPadAlternative to enter coordinates with NumPad keyboard instead of number picker view.open
Daily chores adjustableMake daily chores adjustableopen
MOBOption to initiate MOB from Watch including re routing to MOB positionopen
iCloudSupport for database in iCloudcancelled - see here